General Questions

What is the airasia farm Dropship Project?

Dropshipping is a business model that you can use to run your business without ever holding any inventory. Once you have an order and make a sale, airasia farm will arrange a delivery service to send the order from our HQ, straight to your customer’s doorstep. You’ll never need to worry about storing, packaging, or delivering your orders.

How do I start a Dropshipping Business with airasia farm?

Firstly you need to register at our website https://dropship.airasiafarm.com/ Fill up the registration form and once completed you are officially registered as airasia farm dropshipper and you can start to make sales!

How Does airasia farm Dropshipping Work?

Dropshipping is a simple business model. Once a customer places an order with you, you’ll log in to our website and place the order and make the payment. airasia farm will do the packing and arrange for delivery service to send the order to your customer’s door. That means you can run your own business from anywhere in the world, without worrying about storing and shipping the products yourself.

Do I need to purchase products and keep inventory?

No, the beauty of dropshipping is that you don’t need to hold any inventory yourself. Just order it from airasia farm once a customer has placed the order from you.

Do I need to pay for the registration to become airasia farm Dropshipper?

For our launching we are giving away free registration to our beloved Allstars to join our airasia farm Dropship family. However, there will be as low as RM10 to become a dropshipper once launched to public.

What do I get when I become airasia farm Dropshipper?

You do not need to have any capital to join us. Our registration fees are as low as RM10. We will be guiding you from A-Z so if you do not have any experience in doing business, do not worry! Our training team and support will make sure they guide you until you can make lots of income! We have an online ordering system so it will be less of a headache for you to place your order too. You will also get to enjoy retail profit and other additional rewards.

Who can become an airasia farm Dropshipper?

Anyone can become an airasia farm dropshipper either you are a teacher, a housewife or a student. You can do this business whether full time or part time also.

Placing your order

How do I place an order?

When you have an order, you need to login to airasia farm website https://dropship.airasiafarm.com/. Select “My Order” and proceed by selecting the products and adding it to the cart. You will then be directed to the Add Cart page where you can review your item(s) and proceed to enter the other details and make the payment.

Can I send the products to an address that does not match my customer’s billing address?

Yes, definitely! During the checkout process you are able to enter any address and specify a different billing address.

How do I know that my order is confirmed?

Once you make the payment you will receive an email to confirm your order.

Payments, Pricing & Promotions

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept all major online payments in Malaysia.

How much does dropshipper need to pay?

Dropshipper pays airasia farm based on Dropship Price ONLY. Dropshipper can check the Dropship Price before they place the order.

Are there any promotions for dropshipper or their customers?

From time to time, airasia farm will announce any promotions for dropshipper or to end customers.

How does dropshipper know about any price change or promotions?

Their leader will communicate with dropshipper on these promotions or price change. At the same time, they can also check it at airasia farm Copywriting Telegram for Dropship for the latest price and promotions.


How much does the delivery cost?

The delivery cost depends on the mileage from airasia farm’s HQ to the customer’s door.

Who needs to pay for the delivery cost?

The customer will need to pay for the delivery

What is the delivery coverage area for airasia farm?

Currently, airasia farm provides delivery service to addresses within Klang Valley ONLY.

When will I get my order?

You need to place the order before 4pm from Monday to Friday to be able to get the product by the next 48 hours. If you miss the order time, your order will be considered the next order so your delivery will be the next day of delivery. For example you place the order at 5pm on Monday. So your order is considered as Tuesday order. airasia farm will deliver the product on Thursday.

Last updated August, 2021